We need your support to push “Digital Age BPM” ahead!

We are looking for fearless BPM experts who are interested in joining a workshop series to dive into the young field of “Digital Age BPM”!

Target of this workshop series is to explore the potential of web 2.0, social media, and digital leadership elements in the context of BPM.

By implementing these elements, we expect good chances to influence the acceptance of BPM within an organization. Thus, the workshop will aim to increase the maturity of this very young topic, to develop and evaluate prototypes, and to facilitate its cognition.

Potential elements are a function to “like” processes or to “tweet” comments on processes, the implementation of blogs for communication with process participants, or the usage of tablets for modelling and training. The fantasy is not limited!

Dr. Willms BuhseTogether with the Digital Leadership expert Dr. Willms Buhse we are going to offer three workshops for prototype development and evaluation. Finally, we are planning to introduce the results at the BPinPM.net Process Management Conference in November 2014.

As participant, you not only receive the workshop results but also the opportunity to adopt the concepts and developed prototypes to your own organization, afterward.

Please visit the workshop site for detailed information and make sure to register as soon as possible. Places are limited to ten organizations and will be granted according to first come first serve principle.

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We look forward to a unique and fantastic event! Don’t miss it! 🙂

Best regards,

PS: The workshop will be held in German language only. A summary of the results will be published on our site in English as well.


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