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stiftung_naechste_gesellschaft_3We are proud to announce that we have made it to engage Dr. Bernhard Krusche from Stiftung Nächste Gesellschaft (Foundation Next Society) as key note speaker for this year’s BPinPM.net Conference! 🙂

Bernhard Krusche is an anthropologist, author, and explorer of the Next Society and he will help us to keep the pace and continue to be one step ahead!

Last year, we have started to tackle the Digital Age and we have performed workshops to dive into Digital Age BPM. – Results will be presented at the conference.

But this year’s key note is designed to go even further into this direction by challenging BPM with insights from the Next Society: Connect, Co-Create, Collaborate!

For more information about the Next Society, have a look at: http://x-society.net

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We are looking forward to welcome you in Seeheim!

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