Organization-wide defined Process Model – Best Practice Workshop (Video + Slides)

In the second Best Practice in Process Management workshop the topic “Organization-wide defined process model” was discussed within a group of thirteen process management experts of seven different organizations from the aviation and manufacturing sector.

The participants presented the process model of their organizations and gave a summary of the aims, users and how the process management system is integrated in the organization.

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Integration of Requirements into Processes – Best Practice Workshop Key Findings (Video + Slides)

The second topic we discussed in the first Best Practice in Process Management workshop was “Integration of legislative and normative requirements into processes”.

As in the first topic, all organizations introduced the way of integrating requirements into processes, presented examples as well as strengths and weaknesses. Our key findings are summarized in the following presentation. Continue reading “Integration of Requirements into Processes – Best Practice Workshop Key Findings (Video + Slides)”

Integration of requirements into processes at Lufthansa Technik

During the first Best Practice in Process Management workshop we discussed different solutions to integrate normative and legislative requirements into processes. Somehow the approaches of the participating companies were comparable, but depending on the individual situation of the organization, the implementation was different. To provide a more detailed overview about the LHT approach to the BPinPM readers, I asked Michael Bögle who is the head of LHT Group’s Management System operations to give an interview about his experience in this area of process management.
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Process Modeling at Lufthansa Technik

After receiving several requests to tell more about how we are modeling our processes at Lufthansa Technik, I interviewed Sascha Lamass, our process modeling expert, to give an overview about this topic.

Mirko: Before we get into the details of process modeling at Lufthansa Technik, can you say a few words about your process modeling experience?

Sascha: I started modeling processes at Lufthansa Technik in 2006. This was the time of the initial process modeling in the context of the rollout of IQ MOVE and I was – and I still am – the responsible process modeler for our sales and marketing as well as our strategic purchasing processes, for example. Today, I am also responsible for the development of our process modeling methodology. This includes training new process modelers and improving our editorial process itself. Continue reading “Process Modeling at Lufthansa Technik”

Thank you for your support in 2011!

Dear process management experts,

on behalf of the Best Practice in Process Management team I would like to thank you very much for your support in 2011!

We never expected a tremendous feedback like this and we are curious about what is coming up in 2012! 🙂

The first workshop sessions dealing with identification of best practices in the areas of “Process modeling”, “Integration of legislative and normative requirements into processes”, “Process management roles”, and “Organization-wide defined process model” are completely booked and first ideas for the conference are collected. We will keep you updated on this blog!

For now, we wish you a very pleasant Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Best regards,

Summary of results of Best Practice in Process Management survey

The identification of Best Practice within the area of process management and the exchange of experience between process management experts from different organizations are the targets of cooperation between the department of Information Systems at Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg of Professor Dr. Tim Weitzel and Lufthansa Technik AG.

As basis for the identification of Best Practice,  following four sub-areas of process management were evaluated by process management experts in an online survey in August and September 2011:

  • Operating management system (platform, process modeling, roles, system training, maturity models, acceptance)
  • Governing processes (process targets, enhancement, standardization, compliance)
  • Managing processes (KPIs, risk assessment, audits)
  • Leading people to achieve process targets (training, communication, feedback)

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Survey completed: 177 process management experts participated

Best Practice in Process Management - Origin of Survey ParticipantsOn Friday, we closed our “Best Practice in Process Management” survey and the first evaluation of the result indicates that we fulfilled our target to create an overview about the interests in key aspects of process management and to assemble the contact persons of the particular topics.

Thank you very much for your participation! 🙂

177 process management experts from different organizations completed the survey and more than 75 percent are interested to discuss their experience within workshops for best practice identification.

During the next weeks, we will go into a more detailed analysis of the results to identify the most interesting topics for the workshops. We will provide you with an update about the selected topics and the further procedure on our blog.

In addition, we will raffle the voucher for the Ju52 flight and announce the winner within the next days. 🙂

Again: Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Process Management becomes more and more important!

By now, we received 154 feedbacks from participants with different backgrounds such as engineering, aviation and IT with positions as head of department or director. Most participants are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also 19 international participants from other countries took part.

An interesting fact is that 40 % of the participants are involved in process management for more than 9 years.

They were able to gain a lot of experience they also like to share because more than 100 participants are interested in being part of a workshop.

The different aspects concerning process management were rated with an increasing importance, especially the “acceptance of process management within the organization”.

You want to learn more about the topic? Fill in the questionnaire and be part of our community.

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German Version:

BPMCon 2011: Process Management at Lufthansa Technik

On September 9, we will be present at BPMCon 2011 in Berlin. Beside presentations and workshops about BPMN 2.0, Agile BPM, Activity 5, and future of BPM the agenda offers a number of Pecha Kucha presentations. – And one of these presentations will be about “Process Management at Lufthansa Technik”.

I just finalized the slides and I am very excited about presenting Lufthansa Technik’s process management approach on 20 slides within 6 minutes and 40 seconds. – This is 20 seconds per slide.

Among other information, the presentation will cover details about IQ MOVE, our process-oriented management system, as well as JoinIN!, our methodology to develop and implement standardized processes which was developed in cooperation with University of Bamberg.

To read more about the conference, please visit camunda’s BPM blog:

See you in Berlin!

Bring process management experts together and share best practices!

We would like to invite you to take part in our survey „Best Practice in Process Management“ which was generated in cooperation between Department of Information Systems at Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg of Professor Dr. Tim Weitzel and the Process Management Team of Lufthansa Technik Group.
By performing this survey, we would like to create an overview about the interests in key aspects of process management and to assemble the contact persons of the particular topics to organize workshops for best practice identification and to facilitate exchange of experiences of process management experts. 
Since summer 2010, University of Bamberg and Lufthansa Technik AG are collaborating in a business process standardization project and together, we developed a methodology for the development, implementation, and operations of Lufthansa Technik Group-wide standardized processes.
With this initiative we would like to start a discussion about process management and we would like to exchange our experience with other experts, to develop best practices for all of us.
We are looking forward to your answers till September 30, 2011. Completing the questionnaire will take about 10 minutes.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. 
Thank you very much and best regards from Best Practice in Process Management Team!