BPinPM.net Study Results: Change Management becomes more and more important in BPM

Results of the BPinPM.net Study 2013 show an impressive increase of current and future importance of “Change Management in the context of BPM”. This topic jumped from a midfield position in 2011 right into the top cluster of our latest BPM survey and therefore is nominated as promising candidate for the upcoming Best Practices in Process Management Workshops 2014.

Along this, five other topics which were already discussed within 2012/2013 best practice workshops made it again into the top cluster (Cluster 1) of the survey. Continue reading “BPinPM.net Study Results: Change Management becomes more and more important in BPM”

Participate in BPinPM.net Study 2013 and win a Ju52 flight

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06-10-2013 21-21-22To kick off another round of Best Practice in Process Management workshops we would like to invite all process management experts to the second BPinPM.net study. Target of the study is to evaluate today’s interests in key aspects of process management.

Based on the findings of the study, we will invite you to join our best practice workshops beginning of 2014. Finally, we are going to introduce the results at the third BPinPM.net Conference in November 2014.

As a THANK YOU we will ruffle a voucher for a 30 minutes flight with the historic Ju52 of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung.

It takes only 10 minutes to fill out the survey. The link will be online until Oct 20, 2013.

EN: http://survey.BPinPM.net
DE: http://umfrage.BPinPM.net

Thank you very much for your support!

By the way: The date for the third BPinPM.net Process Management Conference (German Language only) is set and “Blind Date” tickets are available: http://conference.BPinPM.net


What a year 2012! But let’s see what will happen in 2013…

I would like to take this opportunity to review the year 2012, to say THANK YOU for all your support, and to look out to what is coming up in 2013.

BPinPM.net WorkshopThe year 2012 started with three workshops at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg to identify best practices in six different areas of process management. Organizations from aviation, engineering, manufacturing, defense, and research were involved in the workshops and we were able to identify a number of common, promising, and best practices on topics such as process modeling, requirement management, and process improvement. Continue reading “What a year 2012! But let’s see what will happen in 2013…”

Impressions of BPinPM.net Process Management Conference

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On September 21th 2012, the BPinPM.net initiative welcomed 80 process management experts to the first BPinPM.net Process Management Conference in the Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim.

To get started, Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel from Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg presented a key note depicting severe impacts of inaccurate IT project management.

Structured into the four topics of process modeling, integration of normative and legislative requirements, organization-wide defined process model, and process management roles, nine exciting and informative lectures followed. Continue reading “Impressions of BPinPM.net Process Management Conference”

Invitation to the BPinPM.net Process Management Conference

About a year ago, we started our Best Practice in Process Management initiative by conducting the initial survey to identify interests in different areas of process management.

In the meantime, we’ve performed several workshops with process management experts from all kind of organizations to identify best practices in the most important areas.

Now, we are ready to share the results with the BPinPM.net community, to present examples, and to facilitate know-how exchange:

We are proud to invite you to the BPinPM.net Process Management Conference for German-speaking process management experts.

The conference will take place on Sep 21, 2012 at Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim in the area of Frankfurt.

Please visit the conference page to get more details and to register as participant!



We’ve decided to start with a local conference in Germany, but if enough non-German-speaking experts are interested, we will think about ways to share the conference content with the international BPinPM.net community or even to organize an international conference later on. Please feel free to contact the team.

Voucher for 30-minutes round trip flight with historic Ju52 raffled

In parallel to evaluating the results of our survey, we have drawn the winner of the voucher for the 30-minutes Ju52 round trip flight out of all 177 survey participants. The voucher goes to the head of quality management of an engineering company from Stuttgart, Germany.

Congratulations! 🙂

We have already contacted the lucky one and the voucher is on its way to Stuttgart.

I would like to use this occasion to say “Thank you very much!” to all survey participants. We will post more details about the results and the further workshop procedure to identify Best Practice in Process Management during the next days.

For all of you, who are interested in flying with the historic Junkers Ju52 of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung, please visit the website of the foundation: www.dlbs.de