We survived the journey through the Innovation Helix

IMG_8247A few weeks ago, a group of fearless BPM experts took on a journey through the Innovation Helix guided by the innovation experts Prof. Sonja Zillner and Dr. Bernhard Krusche from Ignore Gravity.

As already introduced at the last BPinPM.net Conference in 2014, the Innovation Helix is a framework which provides road map and tools to create an innovation friendly environment and capabilities in organizations. As innovation can neither be reduced to a manageable process nor creativity purely, from a BPM perspective, we attempted to find first process-oriented solutions in this field of tension as we traveled along the three dimensions of the helix. Continue reading “We survived the journey through the Innovation Helix”

Invitation to “BPM meets the Innovation Helix” Workshop

„Quo Vadis, BPM?“ – This was already the title of the key note speech held by Dr. Bernhard Krusche at our recent BPinPM.net Process Management Conference and most of the conference participants agreed, that the challenges of the digital transformation of organizations will also challenge BPM.

Dr. Krusche’s idea to combine tools of successful innovation processes with structured BPM started a discussion on how this fusion of classical BPM and new innovation methodologies could look like.

Thus, we decided to set up a workshop to explore the “Innovation Helix” which was invented by Dr. Krusche and Prof. Sonja Zillner and match it with the BPM Life Cycle.

To learn more about this innovation workshop, please check the event details…