Invitation to Conference 2016 – The Human Side of BPM: From Process Operation to Process Innovation

We are very happy to invite you to the most comprehensive Best Practice in Process Management Conference ever! Meet us at Lufthansa Training & Conference Center and join the journey from Process Operation to Process Innovation.

It took more than a year to evaluate, to double-check, and to combine all workshop results to a new and holistic approach for sustainable process management.

But now, the ProcessInnovation8 is there and will guide us at the conference! 🙂

The ProcessInnovation8 provides direction to BPM professionals and management throughout the phases Process Strategy, Process Enhancement, Process Implementation, Process Steering, and Process Innovation while keeping a special focus onto the human side of BPM to maximize acceptance and benefit of BPM.

To share our learnings, introduce practical examples, discuss latest BPM insights, experience the community, enjoy the dinner, and, and, and…, we are looking forward to meet you in Seeheim! 🙂

Please order your tickets now. Capacity is limited and the early bird tickets will be available for a short period of time only.

Please visit the conference site to access the agenda and to get all the details…



Again, this will be a local conference in Germany, but if enough non-German-speaking experts are interested, we will think about ways to share the know-how with the international community as well. Please feel free to contact the team.

Want to be one step ahead in BPM? Get one of our very last conference tickets for free!

stiftung_naechste_gesellschaft_3We are proud to announce that we have made it to engage Dr. Bernhard Krusche from Stiftung Nächste Gesellschaft (Foundation Next Society) as key note speaker for this year’s Conference! 🙂

Bernhard Krusche is an anthropologist, author, and explorer of the Next Society and he will help us to keep the pace and continue to be one step ahead!

Last year, we have started to tackle the Digital Age and we have performed workshops to dive into Digital Age BPM. – Results will be presented at the conference.

But this year’s key note is designed to go even further into this direction by challenging BPM with insights from the Next Society: Connect, Co-Create, Collaborate! Continue reading “Want to be one step ahead in BPM? Get one of our very last conference tickets for free!”