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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1We are really happy to announce that we will get the support of Samsung for our conference: Samsung will provide Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets for each participant for the two days! – This will make it possible to enjoy the first paperless and device supported BPM conference ever! 🙂

With the device you will be able to raise your voice interactively, ask questions, participate in polls, and exchange views with other experts on-site!

In addition, we are proud to introduce Dr. Willms Buhse as key note speaker. He is a designated Digital Leadership & Enterprise 2.0 expert and he will open a discussion about being successful in the digital age. – A challenge many organizations are facing right now! We are expecting a number of new insights and valuable ideas for all of us! 🙂

So don’t miss the conference and register now! Space is limited…

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CU in Seeheim!

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Invitation to the 2nd Process Management Conference Prozessmanagement-Konferenz 2013Driven by the awesome feedback of last year’s conference, we performed additional Best Practice workshops and gave our best to set up an attractive agenda for a second Process Management Conference for German-speaking process management experts.

The agenda is designed to share the workshop results, to present best practice examples from companies such as Infraserv Höchst, Cassidian / Systemunterstützungszentrum Eurofighter, SAP, and Lufthansa Technik, as well as to facilitate know-how exchange by process management experts.

The conference will take place on Sep 10 and 11, 2013 at Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim in the area of Frankfurt.

Please visit the conference site to get more details and to register!



Again, this will be a local conference in Germany, but if enough non-German-speaking experts are interested, we will think about ways to share the know-how with the international community as well. Please feel free to contact the team.



Process Standardization / Global Processes – Best Practice Workshop Results

During the next weeks, we are going to publish a series of articles to share the results of our Best Practice in Process Management workshops which we’ve performed within Q1/2013. Overall, participants from eleven organizations representing industry sectors such as transportation, infrastructure, commerce, and aviation participated in the workshops and we enjoyed lively and fruitful discussions with regards to several process management topics.

Today, I would like to introduce the results of the “Process Standardization / Global Processes” workshop which were recorded by our colleague Lasse Härtel. – Thank you, Lasse! 🙂 Continue reading “Process Standardization / Global Processes – Best Practice Workshop Results”

Founding of the Process Management Alliance – An introducing video

To achieve our goal to offer an official platform for process management experts, we are proud to announce that we have finally founded and registered the Process Management Alliance. 🙂

This association will not only take over the Best Practice in Process Management activities to bring experts together and to identify and share best practices in process management but also to transfer this knowledge to the educational and social sector. So the founding is another step on our journey towards the improvement of process management which already started about ten years ago.

To introduce the Process Management Alliance we created a short video. Continue reading “Founding of the Process Management Alliance – An introducing video”

Impressions of Process Management Conference

[important]Register now for the next Process Management Conference! Click here for details.[/important]

On September 21th 2012, the initiative welcomed 80 process management experts to the first Process Management Conference in the Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim.

To get started, Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel from Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg presented a key note depicting severe impacts of inaccurate IT project management.

Structured into the four topics of process modeling, integration of normative and legislative requirements, organization-wide defined process model, and process management roles, nine exciting and informative lectures followed. Continue reading “Impressions of Process Management Conference”

Expert Networking: Join the groups on Xing and LinkedIn

To facilitate networking of process management experts from all around the world, we have created groups on the business community websites Xing and LinkedIn.

Within these groups you will have the possibility to get in contact with other process management experts, ask questions, and share your experience.

In addition, we will publish special offers to the group members from time to time. 🙂

To join one of the groups, please click here for direct access: on Xing (German) on LinkedIn (English)

PS: End of May, we will draw lots for three little thank-you presents under all group members who recruit further members for one of the groups on Xing or LinkedIn!

Organization-wide defined Process Model – Best Practice Workshop (Video + Slides)

In the second Best Practice in Process Management workshop the topic “Organization-wide defined process model” was discussed within a group of thirteen process management experts of seven different organizations from the aviation and manufacturing sector.

The participants presented the process model of their organizations and gave a summary of the aims, users and how the process management system is integrated in the organization.

Continue reading “Organization-wide defined Process Model – Best Practice Workshop (Video + Slides)”

Integration of Requirements into Processes – Best Practice Workshop Key Findings (Video + Slides)

The second topic we discussed in the first Best Practice in Process Management workshop was “Integration of legislative and normative requirements into processes”.

As in the first topic, all organizations introduced the way of integrating requirements into processes, presented examples as well as strengths and weaknesses. Our key findings are summarized in the following presentation. Continue reading “Integration of Requirements into Processes – Best Practice Workshop Key Findings (Video + Slides)” is ready for take off!

Our domain is registered, the blog is online and the survey will start next week. Thus, we are ready for take off to develop Best Practice in Process Management.

Our mission is to bring the process management experts of different companies and organizations around the world together to discuss process management issues and to exchange our experience. is a cooperation of process management experts from University of Bamberg and Lufthansa Technik AG.

If you would like to contact us, please send mail to:

Lufthansa Technik AG
Mirko Kloppenburg
Weg beim Jäger 193
22335 Hamburg