Summary of results of Best Practice in Process Management survey

The identification of Best Practice within the area of process management and the exchange of experience between process management experts from different organizations are the targets of cooperation between the department of Information Systems at Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg of Professor Dr. Tim Weitzel and Lufthansa Technik AG.

As basis for the identification of Best Practice,  following four sub-areas of process management were evaluated by process management experts in an online survey in August and September 2011:

  • Operating management system (platform, process modeling, roles, system training, maturity models, acceptance)
  • Governing processes (process targets, enhancement, standardization, compliance)
  • Managing processes (KPIs, risk assessment, audits)
  • Leading people to achieve process targets (training, communication, feedback)

For each sub-area different aspects had to be evaluated. Each aspect was evaluated on a five-point-scale in the following three dimensions: ”current maturity”, “current importance” and “future development of importance”.

The survey was announced on different internet platforms as for example,, and as well as by personal invitations.

Overall, 177 process management experts from different branches from twelve countries participated in this survey.

At the beginning of the survey some general questions concerning occupational activities of the participants were asked. The result was that more than 60% of the participants are active in process management longer than 5 years, mostly as process management responsible persons, operator, or user. With the evaluation of the different sub-areas an average for each aspect could be calculated out of the 177 responses.

Focusing on the two dimensions “current importance” and “future importance” the results can be examined in the matrix (extract) in figure 1. The further the points are located at the right, the higher the current importance. The higher the points are located, the more important the aspect will be in the future, in the eyes of the participants. Three clusters can be identified. The size of points shows the third dimension which was set: the current maturity. Here is also clearly proved that bigger points are mostly located further right and higher in the matrix.

Figure 1: Extract of matrix “current importance to “future importance” with “maturity” as size of circles
Figure 1: Extract of matrix “current importance to “future importance” with “maturity” as size of circles

From this data a correlation between the three dimensions can be deduced which indicates for a high current importance an increasing importance in the future which as well positively affects the degree of maturity.

Figure 2: Correlation of the three dimensions
Figure 2: Correlation of the three dimensions

The detailed consideration of aspects from cluster 1 shows that the topic process modeling holds the highest degree of maturity at this moment and is evaluated as aspect with the second highest importance which will also increase in the future.

The integration of legislative and normative requirements into processes has the highest importance at this time according to the participants. In comparison to the topic process modeling it is not as much developed but the importance of this aspect will increase strongly.

From cluster 1 the aspect “acceptance of process management within the organization” is evaluated as the aspect with the most strongly increasing importance in the future. In comparison the current degree of maturity of this aspect belongs to the lowest developed aspects in this cluster.

Figure 3: Detailed values of aspects from cluster 1
Figure 3: Detailed values of aspects from cluster 1

As next step to identify Best Practice, workshops for the different aspects from the first cluster will be realized.

For the organization of these workshops possible participants will be constituted out of the 136 persons who indicated to be interested to participate in a workshop.

To guarantee that the results of the workshops stay valid in practice, primarily process management operators and users will be invited.

Furthermore the selection considers the strengths of the participants. The aim is to gain participants who own great knowledge and a high degree of maturity in these areas of process management.

The first workshops will take place in January 2012. Invitations will be sent out within the next weeks. We will offer five places for each workshop. These places will be assigned according to first come, first serve principle.

If you would like to participate in the Best Practice workshops and have not participated in the initial survey, please complete the following form:

Again, we would like to say “Thank you very much!” to all survey participants!

We will provide you with an update about the workshop results on this blog. Please subscribe to receive an information about new posts.

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