Cpt Roland Kallweit

HptmKallwaitProcess Manager

CASSIDIAN – System Support Centre Eurofighter

Quality Management


Captain Roland Kallweit is Quality Manager for software maintenance activities within System Support Centre Eurofighter. In this role he is responsible for product and process quality within various software maintenance projects. Before he took on this position, he gathered experience in the field of software development as a system engineer for software maintenance. In this role he was responsible for establishing the development infrastructure as well as building up the capabilities to maintain and modify the software of the Eurofighter armament control system. Previous to that he was a technical officer at the 71st fighter squadron “Richthofen” responsible for technical and logistical processes.


Roland studied Aerospace Technologies as well as Technology and Innovation Management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. Currently he is external doctoral candidate at the Department Chair for Knowledge Management and Business Process Management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces. His research focusses on the knowledge-oriented design of product development processes within the military aerospace industry.


Company Profile

In co-operation between the German Airforce and Cassidian a huge part of the technical Eurofighter weapon system support is provided by System Support Centre Eurofighter. Co-located in Manching this combined team of Airmen and industrial personnel safeguard an enhanced national maintenance and system support capability together with other co-operative organisations.


More than 80% of the Eurofighter weapon system functionality is embedded in the software. This requires an appropriate software maintenance and update capability. Specialists within the System Support Centre Eurofighter are in the position to adapt and to enhance software design, in order to satisfy operational requirements at short notice.