Review of BPMCon 2011

After participating in the first BPMCon in Berlin last Friday, I would like to share my impressions and summarize my key learning.

The conference was opened by a provoking key note speech by Gerhard Wohland about “Dynamic-robust process design”. He explained his theory of blue (dead) and red (alive) areas in processes and this learning accompanied us throughout the day. Blue activities are formal and can be described by processes, red activities need talents to be processed. At Lufthansa Technik, we call this “good workmanship”. 😉 For more information about this topic, please visit Gerhard Wohland’s website (only available in German).

My second key learning was the delimitation of the business-related areas of BPM (modeling of processes) and the technical part of BPM which can be supported by process engines or conventional IT systems. Up to now, we are focused on the business-oriented part at Lufthansa Technik, but I am really interested in learning more about how to support processes by process engines based on BPMN modeled processes. This definition of BPM is visualized in the camunda BPMN-Framework (again, only available in German). By the way: Our survey is also focused on the business-related part of BPM. 🙂

Finally, I can state that I am a big fan of Pecha Kucha, now! 20 slides in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, 20 seconds for every slide only. Information on the point. Entertaining for the audience and a real challenge for the presenter. But all of us presenters mastered this challenge and gave their presentations without time difficulties. Now, I am looking forward to the next chance for giving a Pecha Kucha presentation because I would like to improve my presentation with the lessons I learned on Friday. – I am thinking about integrating Pecha Kucha into our Best Practice in Process Management workshops. 😉


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