Invitation to check the process management fitness of our organization’s culture

Have you ever thought about the fitness of your organizational culture with regards to business process management?

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation via Xing to participate in an online survey developed by process management experts of University of Liechtenstein and Queensland University of Technology. The tool analyzes the organizational culture and presents the results in an individual report at the end of the survey.

It took me about 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire and while I was answering the questions, I already thought that the study exactly fits to a number of questions we are discussing at Lufthansa Technik at the moment. To dig deeper into this topic, I decided to contact the author to learn more about the theory behind the tool.

Within a few days, a conference call with Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke and Theresa Schmiedel from University of Liechtenstein was organized and I learned more about the development of the questionnaire. It is based on a series of studies that they conducted over several years involving major thought leaders around the globe from academia and practice who are highly experienced in business process management. The tool covers a broad range of cultural aspects with regards to process management and it helps to develop measures for strengthening the cultural process management fitness of an organization.

To perform a more detailed analysis of Lufthansa Technik’s cultural fitness, we agreed upon performing a customized survey for our company in the context of a process management project. This survey is currently running and I am very curious about the results and the measures we will be able to develop based on the results of the analysis.

If you are interested in an analysis of your organization’s cultural fitness for process management, I can recommend investing 15 minutes of your time to participate in the survey:

As I already said, the tool will present your individual results at the end of the survey and you have the opportunity to additionally receive an individual benchmarking of your results later on.

The tool can be used free of charge during the research period until approximately end of June.

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