Founding of the Process Management Alliance – An introducing video

To achieve our goal to offer an official platform for process management experts, we are proud to announce that we have finally founded and registered the Process Management Alliance. 🙂

This association will not only take over the Best Practice in Process Management activities to bring experts together and to identify and share best practices in process management but also to transfer this knowledge to the educational and social sector. So the founding is another step on our journey towards the improvement of process management which already started about ten years ago.

To introduce the Process Management Alliance we created a short video.

For further information visit If you have any questions or annotations please feel free to contact us.

By the way: We are planning another workshop in January dealing with the topic of the connection between the processes and organizational structure. Which roles are needed? What are their tasks? How does the cooperation of the different roles work?

If you are interested please contact us and give us a short overview about your company’s state concerning this topic. If there will be more interested people than available capacities, we will have to choose by lot. So be quick! 😉



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