First results in pushing ‘Digital Age BPM’ ahead!

digital_age_bpm_workshop_session1Good news: We found fearless BPM experts!

Two weeks ago, we met for the first session of our workshop series. After getting to know each other and understanding the process management systems in the different organizations, we started to familiarize ourselves with the possibilities of web 2.0 and social media in the context of BPM.

After dreaming and dreading what the future might hold for us, we began to design useful approaches of embedding social media in process management environments. The initial skepticism faded after we generated many applicable ideas – but was not washed away. Our main goal became manifested in one word: Benefit. Whatever we are going to design, the premise is the advantage the users are gaining by applying it.

Throughout clustering, we defined six core focuses: ‘Participation’, ‘Training and Communication’, ‘Feedback and Exchange’, ‘Search Engine’, ‘Process Transparency’, and ‘Mobile Access’.

To meet our premise of ‘Benefit’ we combined the concrete ideas of ‘Digital Age’ applications within the core focuses with personas. Personas are fictional characters that stand for different stakeholder groups by representing their average character traits and capabilities.

Hence, the question is: “Which ‘Digital Age’ application is beneficial to whom?”

The task for our next workshop session is to find out which web 2.0 applications and social media functions might contribute to a real advantage in the context of BPM. We all agreed on doing some ‘homework’ until the next workshop – by dint of these evaluations we hope to get a detailed understanding of the perceived benefit of our concrete ‘Digital Age’ applications.

We are curious what the results of our evaluation will reveal, we excitedly prepare the next workshop and we are looking forward to push the “Digital Age BPM” further ahead!

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