ProcessInnovation8: A holistic Concept for sustainable Business Process Management

As a result of our workshops, we have designed the so called ProcessInnovation8 as a guideline to professionalize process operation and to ensure future-proof business processes. The ProcessInnovation8 combines our simplified BPM Life Cycle based on promising and best BPM practices identified in our workshops with the Innovation Helix of Dr. Bernhard Krusche (Ignore Gravity) and Prof. Dr. Sonja Zillner (Steinbeis University Berlin).

The key elements of the ProcessInnovation8 are describes by the following five phases:

  • ProcessInnovation8Process Innovation helps to keep processes future-proof by developing and prototyping of innovations for processes.
  • Process Strategy combines bottom-up insights for process development with top-down strategy inputs to define a specific and actionable process strategy.
  • Process Enhancement ensures continuous improvement of processes as well as appropriate modeling of conformity checked processes.
  • Process Implementation creates all prerequisites for process fulfillment (i.e., technical, organizational, and personnel requirements) and focuses on maximum acceptance of the changes by the organization.
  • Process Steering enables effective monitoring and steering of process performance and ensures proper training of process participants.

In addition to the phases, it is important to point out that we have integrated a precise process management role concept (Framework for Assignment of Responsibilities | FAR+) into the ProcessInnovation8 to clearly assign responsibilities and to bring the concept to life.

Our idea is to provide a methodology that can be used by Process Owners and Managers to ensure professional operations of business processes and to guarantee sustainability of these processes. We will be offering workshops to guide you through the ProcessInnovation8 and to support you to get started with setting up a sustainable process management. The ProcessInnovation8 can be applied independent from what ever process documentation system you are using and I can be seen as a comprehensive complement to other methodologies like lean, six sigma, or continuous improvement.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the ProcessInnovation8.