Framework for Assignment of Responsibilities (FAR+): A BPM governance concept with clearly defined process management roles

FARplusThe design of measures to “push process management ahead” was the target of the project that initialized the development of FAR+ in 2011. As a result, the project team came up with an idea to strengthen the role of the Process Owner by a clear definition and process management roles and a structured interaction of these roles.

FAR+ differentiates between two responsibilities: On the one hand, roles of the process responsibility (DESIGN) are defining process strategy, improve and implement processes, and coordinate process execution. On the other hand, roles of the disciplinary responsibility (EXECUTION) make sure that processes are executed properly.

Core role of the process responsibility is the Process Owner who is accountable for process definition, improvement, and coordination. The Process Owner is supported by Process Architects (responsible for process definition and improvement) and Process Managers (responsible for inter-org-unit execution of respective process instances. On a higher level, Process Domain Owners are accountable and responsible for definition of process domain strategy.

Within the disciplinary responsibility, the role of the Line Manager is accountable for execution of processes in the respective organizational unit. In addition, the Administrative Responsible is accountable and responsible for signing legal contracts and forms the interface of the organization to the outside world.

Finally, structured communication flows ensure smooth process operations and make sure that decisions are made on a level where all necessary information is available.

We have challenged FAR+ within several benchmarks, workshops, and conferences and confirmed its fit to all kinds of organizations. Along with detailed know how for the implementation of this process management role concept, we offer a broad variety of tools and methods for professional management of processes. Especially with regards to the operations of standardized processes at several locations all around the world.

The development of the Framework for Assignment of Responsibilities (FAR+) was initialized by Lufthansa Technik AG and is continuously improved in the context of a design science research project by University of Bamberg and Lufthansa Technik AG. In the context of this design science research project, of Process Management Alliance e.V. serves as platform for the discussion of the generalized concept with other organizations across all industries. Core of FAR+ was released in several academic publications. To get access to these papers or to receive additional information, please feel free to contact us.