BPM Acceptance: Insights into our current BPM research

Business Process Standardization Research ModelIncreasing acceptance of BPM by employees and management of an organization is one of the core targets of our initiative. To build-up relevant knowledge, we are constantly performing various research activities.

This year, members of the BPinPM.net team visited several academic conferences to present and discuss our latest research.

With regards to acceptance of BPM, Janina Kettenbohrer presented her research about the impact of different job characteristics on employees’ attitude toward their job on the acceptance of standardized business processes. Together with Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn and Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckhardt, she could empirically show that two job characteristics – namely skill variety and autonomy – significantly influence acceptance of standardized business processes. This means that process standardization is perceived to lead to higher work efficiency because routine tasks can be standardized. Due to these standardized tasks, employees are able to focus on more complex tasks where they can use their various skills.

In contrast to the positive effect of skill variety, autonomy has a negative effect on process standardization acceptance. Jobs with high autonomy (e.g., knowledge-intensive jobs or creative jobs) need a more flexible handling regarding inputs, outputs, and procedures. The success of processes which consist of highly autonomous jobs depend on creativity and the detailed sequence of tasks is not predictable. So, this kind of processes is not suitable for standardization which is supported by the employees’ attitude towards BPS. Besides these two characteristics, age is also one of the most important drivers. Janina and her colleagues could show that older people are more likely to accept process standardization. If you are interested in Janina’s research, you can find her latest paper here.

If you would like to test the model in your organization and to find out how to successfully implement process standards, please feel free to contact Janina.


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