BPinPM.net Study Results: Change Management becomes more and more important in BPM

Results of the BPinPM.net Study 2013 show an impressive increase of current and future importance of “Change Management in the context of BPM”. This topic jumped from a midfield position in 2011 right into the top cluster of our latest BPM survey and therefore is nominated as promising candidate for the upcoming Best Practices in Process Management Workshops 2014.

Along this, five other topics which were already discussed within 2012/2013 best practice workshops made it again into the top cluster (Cluster 1) of the survey.

These five topics are:

  • Process management roles
  • Process improvement methodology
  • Process standardization
  • Integration of legislative and normative requirements
  • Communication of process changes

Identified best practices of these topics can be found in the “Best Practices” section of our website.

In addition, the “Acceptance of process management within the organization” made it to cluster 1 for the second time, but was never considered for one of our best practice workshops before. To change this, it will be one of the topics of the 2014 workshops.

Overall, the evaluation of the current and future importance of all topics increased both compared to the results of the 2011 survey. Interestingly, for two of the three topics with highest maturity, the increase of the importance was not that strong. As a consequence, the topics “Process modeling” and “Organization-wide defined process model” where not able to stay in the top cluster and are members of cluster 2, now. Obviously, both topics are well developed and established in all organizations and the participants of the survey moved their interest to other BPM areas.

Taking this into consideration, it is remarkable that the “Integration of legislative and normative requirements” – which is the topic with second highest maturity – is still in cluster 1. For best practices in this area, please have a look at our already published workshop results here.

Biggest “loser” is the “Editorial process of management system content”. This topic is already very mature and its future importance evaluation decreased slightly while the current importance gained only a little bit. Thus, this topic did not make it to keep up with the other topics from 2011’s cluster 2 and is now located in cluster 3 together with “Application of maturity models” and “Activity-based costing”.

As new topics in 2013, we added the “Application of social software for the creation of the content of management systems” as well as “Application of social software for the further development of the content of management systems” to the survey. Both topics received a very low rating in maturity as well as in current and future importance. But due to the fact, that we expect a high potential to influence the acceptance of BPM within an organization by implementation of web 2.0, social media, and digital leadership elements, we are going to offer a very special workshop series in 2014. This workshop series will aim to increase the maturity of this very young topic, to develop and evaluate prototypes, and to facilitate its cognition. Further information concerning this workshop series will be published in a few days.

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU to all 109 experts who completed the survey. The winner of the voucher for the flight with historic Ju 52 of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung is Daniel Bickel from EnBW Systeme Infrastruktur Support GmbH. Congratulations Daniel, enjoy the flight! 🙂

If you are interested in a flight with historic Ju 52, too, please have a look at the website of DLBS: http://www.dlbs.de

Viele Grüße,

PS: All workshop results will be presented at BPinPM.net Process Management Conference 2014. “Blind Date” tickets are still available, but we will publish the agenda soon and price will be updated, too.



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