Process management areas and aspects
Process management areas and aspects

BPinPM.net is a project of Process Management Alliance e.V., an independent association of process management experts from organizations such as University of Bamberg and Lufthansa Technik.

Our mission is to bring process management experts of different companies and organizations around the world together to discuss process management issues, to share experience, and to identify best practices in the area of process management.

To identify the key interests in the different aspects of process management as well as the experts of the particular topics, we conducted a survey in 2011:

Video and slides of Best Practice in Process Management survey results
Summary of results of Best Practice in Process Management survey

Based on these results, we performed – and we still continue to perform – workshops to identify best practices. Results will be published here.

To share insights about the identified best practices, we present examples of identified best practices of different organizations here.

To facilitate networking and exchange of experience, we have created BPinPM.net groups on LinkedIn (english) and Xing (german) to get in contact with other experts. If you are looking for a benchmark partner in a certain area, you can also send a request to our team via the contact form. Probably, we will be able to recommend an experienced benchmark partner.

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to check out the team or send an email to:



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