Best Practice Talk about Process Digitalization in Hamburg

Dear BPM experts,

we would like to invite you to the next Best Practice Talk in Hamburg. This time, it well be all about Process Digitalization with exciting presentations by Taxdoo, Hansa Flex, and Otto Group. The talk will take place on Nov 30, 2017.

Please visit the event site on Xing for more information:

See you next week!

Invitation to Best Practice Talk in Hamburg

Dear BPM-Experts,

to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking, we would like to invite you to our first “Best Practice Talk” about Process Management. The event will take place on March 30, 2017 at the Mercure Hotel Hamburg Mitte.

Experts from Olympus, ECE, and PhantoMinds will provide inspiring presentations and we will have enough time to discuss BPM questions. 🙂

Please visit our xing event for all the details:

See you in Hamburg!

Invitation to Conference 2016 – The Human Side of BPM: From Process Operation to Process Innovation

We are very happy to invite you to the most comprehensive Best Practice in Process Management Conference ever! Meet us at Lufthansa Training & Conference Center and join the journey from Process Operation to Process Innovation.

It took more than a year to evaluate, to double-check, and to combine all workshop results to a new and holistic approach for sustainable process management.

But now, the ProcessInnovation8 is there and will guide us at the conference! 🙂

The ProcessInnovation8 provides direction to BPM professionals and management throughout the phases Process Strategy, Process Enhancement, Process Implementation, Process Steering, and Process Innovation while keeping a special focus onto the human side of BPM to maximize acceptance and benefit of BPM.

To share our learnings, introduce practical examples, discuss latest BPM insights, experience the community, enjoy the dinner, and, and, and…, we are looking forward to meet you in Seeheim! 🙂

Please order your tickets now. Capacity is limited and the early bird tickets will be available for a short period of time only.

Please visit the conference site to access the agenda and to get all the details…



Again, this will be a local conference in Germany, but if enough non-German-speaking experts are interested, we will think about ways to share the know-how with the international community as well. Please feel free to contact the team.

BPM Acceptance: Insights into our current BPM research

Business Process Standardization Research ModelIncreasing acceptance of BPM by employees and management of an organization is one of the core targets of our initiative. To build-up relevant knowledge, we are constantly performing various research activities.

This year, members of the team visited several academic conferences to present and discuss our latest research.

With regards to acceptance of BPM, Janina Kettenbohrer presented her research about the impact of different job characteristics on employees’ attitude toward their job on the acceptance of standardized business processes. Together with Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn and Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckhardt, she could empirically show that two job characteristics – namely skill variety and autonomy – significantly influence acceptance of standardized business processes. Continue reading “BPM Acceptance: Insights into our current BPM research”

Invitation to free online course on Fundamentals of Business Process Management

MOOC - Fundamentals of Business Process ManagementWe would like to draw your attention to a promising Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Business Process Management held by four well-respected Professors:

Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling, and Hajo Reijers, authors of the successful textbook “Fundamentals of Business Process Management”, will guide you through this course in person. During 7 weeks, starting on 12 October, you will watch videos and do online quizzes along the business process management lifecycle. You can watch the videos/do the quizzes at your own pace within each week, with a workload of 2-4 hours per week.

Processes are everywhere and the course will show you how to systematically model, analyze, redesign, automate and monitor them. The techniques you get to know are generally applicable in any domain that you can think of – let it be public organizations, schools, banks, logistics, healthcare or production companies, to name but a few. Not to forget, it will be great fun!

Just enroll here:

Several members of the community have already enrolled to this MOOC and I am quite sure that you will also benefit from this new course. – And you can even earn a certificate! 🙂

Best regards,

We survived the journey through the Innovation Helix

IMG_8247A few weeks ago, a group of fearless BPM experts took on a journey through the Innovation Helix guided by the innovation experts Prof. Sonja Zillner and Dr. Bernhard Krusche from Ignore Gravity.

As already introduced at the last Conference in 2014, the Innovation Helix is a framework which provides road map and tools to create an innovation friendly environment and capabilities in organizations. As innovation can neither be reduced to a manageable process nor creativity purely, from a BPM perspective, we attempted to find first process-oriented solutions in this field of tension as we traveled along the three dimensions of the helix. Continue reading “We survived the journey through the Innovation Helix”

Insights from German flagship conference Wirtschaftsinformatik 2015

Last week, the team visited the conference Wirtschaftsinformatik 2015 in Osnabrück. Topic of this year’s conference was Smart Enterprise Engineering.

In three days, several research and business tracks gave visitors insights in emerging trends of information systems. Furthermore, different companies (e.g., Thyssen Krupp or SAP) presented their next steps for achieving digitalized business.

For example, Thyssen Krupp wants to use Big Data and digitalization to revolutionize their elevator business. In the future, elevators won’t be travelling solely vertically but also horizontally. In the keynote, this video was shown. We found it very impressing and it fits very well to our scheduled innovation workshop “BPM meets the Innovation Helix“. Continue reading “Insights from German flagship conference Wirtschaftsinformatik 2015”

Invitation to “BPM meets the Innovation Helix” Workshop

„Quo Vadis, BPM?“ – This was already the title of the key note speech held by Dr. Bernhard Krusche at our recent Process Management Conference and most of the conference participants agreed, that the challenges of the digital transformation of organizations will also challenge BPM.

Dr. Krusche’s idea to combine tools of successful innovation processes with structured BPM started a discussion on how this fusion of classical BPM and new innovation methodologies could look like.

Thus, we decided to set up a workshop to explore the “Innovation Helix” which was invented by Dr. Krusche and Prof. Sonja Zillner and match it with the BPM Life Cycle.

To learn more about this innovation workshop, please check the event details…

Leading BPM. – Impressions of Conference 2014

02_KeynoteBringing experts together, exchanging knowledge, and gaining new ideas from other business areas is the ongoing spirit of the conferences. In November 2014, the third conference was held under the motto “Leading BPM” and we welcomed over 80 experts from diverse industry and business areas as well as the social sector in Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim in the area of Frankfurt.

Dr. Bernhard Krusche from the association “NEXT SOCIETY” started the conference with his thought-provoking keynote “Quo Vadis, BPM?”. He encouraged the audience to think outside the box and to be open-minded towards future trends like the digital age and its implications for personal life, business, and BPM. – As result of the discussion, we will pick up this topic in 2015 to further explore how BPM can prepare for the next society.

Continue reading “Leading BPM. – Impressions of Conference 2014”

Want to be one step ahead in BPM? Get one of our very last conference tickets for free!

stiftung_naechste_gesellschaft_3We are proud to announce that we have made it to engage Dr. Bernhard Krusche from Stiftung Nächste Gesellschaft (Foundation Next Society) as key note speaker for this year’s Conference! 🙂

Bernhard Krusche is an anthropologist, author, and explorer of the Next Society and he will help us to keep the pace and continue to be one step ahead!

Last year, we have started to tackle the Digital Age and we have performed workshops to dive into Digital Age BPM. – Results will be presented at the conference.

But this year’s key note is designed to go even further into this direction by challenging BPM with insights from the Next Society: Connect, Co-Create, Collaborate! Continue reading “Want to be one step ahead in BPM? Get one of our very last conference tickets for free!”